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I have too many OCs and no time to draw them. So I decided, I'll have to let them go to other people, as much as I love them. 
They are listed in order of how likely I am to let them go
Check my stash to see if I've missed any character, and ask in the comments
If you want a character please comment here, don't note me or comment in the stash files because dA's notification system is not working properly for me!!!

(This journal is a copy of this one Giving Away (Free), Trading and Selling OCs, since more interested people would probably see it here on my adopt account)

Also check out our CHEAP Old Adopt Sellout All Must Go

If the original creator has a problem please contact me ASAP I've tried to keep up with your adopt rules but if you've deactivated/hidden the rules/been ambiguous about something, I've just had to do what I thought was best

All come with traditional lineart in my OC Sketchbook*
*I redesigned Hexamia, Galactic/Cosmic and Starsparkler/Premier Stellation for this, so they'll look different here from other art
Pony OC Sketchbook Page 1 by 1i0 Pony OC Sketchbook Page 2 by 1i0 Pony OC Sketchbook Page 3 by 1i0 Pony OC Sketchbook Page 4 by 1i0
Also, a lot of them are here (I can't separate the images though), if you want your OC from here you'll have to try and cut them out yourself. You'll also notice I made Aurora an alicorn by mistake haha
Group minimal by 1i0
Also if you ask I'll check my sketchbook for sketches of the OC you like

Free, yes really, just ask
Chartreuse by FourStooges by 1i0Chartreuse - designed by FourStooges, originally free.

ON HOLD feel free to offer you'll get her if the current holder doesn't go through with their offer
Spectrashine by Ronnieisnotacutie by 1i0Spectra - designed by SM-LOVEU, I paid 15 points I think
(the old owner sold her to me, ask me for proof! I didn't know reselling wasn't allowed by the creator when I bought, but since the creator isn't active anymore, I'll trade her away) and also this picture of her head stuck in a fence with Velvet watching  ATG VI-4 : That's Not What Fencing Means by 1i0

ATG VI-3 : Infused with Magic by 1i0Aurora Mariposa by xbaldstonex by 1i0Aurora Mariposa - old OC of xBaldStonex, I think I paid 50 points for her?

Sold & paid for

Ocean and Sunbeam by spacewaffIe by 1i0
Ocean and Sunbeam - Cotton Mouth by spacewaffIe, species by Pomihei and I (1i0) bought rights to the species
(creator is deactivated but tell me if you know their new account so I can ask permission!! I know the rules said no selling or trading, so I will treat it as a "gift" to you which should be allowed)
I think she originally cost 20 points? I wanted a cotton mouth so I got her, but now I have rights so I can design myself one I connect to more...

Pyronova by SimpleySami by 1i0Pyronova - design by SimpleySami, really cheap originally BUT she now has some art, and she was one of my first pony characters on dA, so I really like her! (& I hope you also like her!)

Trade only - Art >> Characters

Waveflare by bl4z1ng-sh4d0ws by 1i0Waveflare - design by bl4z1ng
(creator is deactivated but tell me if you know their new account so I can ask permission!!)
Art:  ATG VI-9 : Gotcha! by 1i0

Offer to adopt - Points >>>> Art >> Characters
Easy (may be free if you buy something else / if you're a good friend)
Silverheart by 1i0Silverheart - designed by me
ATG VI-8 : It's Magic by 1i0 Spark Daydream by DJSpacer by 1i0Spark Daydream - designed by OpalescentArtist, originally 15 points
She said to tell her before reselling, I commented on her journal but she hasn't been active for so long I don't know if she'll ever respond. I think it's ok to sell but keep that in mind if you want her
Comes with 3 pieces of art: including the two above

Medium difficulty
ATG VI-6: Over The Moon by 1i0 ATG VI-5 : Professionalism by 1i0Galactic and Starsparkler (aka Cosmic and Premier Stellation) - designed by DonutQxeen. Not sure how much they cost originally
They have two names because I changed their personalities and stories. You don't have to buy them together or keep them as twins, and you can ignore their character descriptions and make your own.
Art: as well as the above drawings
and also Times, Starsparkler, Galactic,Icy by Moushige-Yolo by 1i0(the two in the center)

Velvet Snowfall by 1i0Velvet Snowfall - OC originally owned by FlowerDashie (I'm not too sure if I want to sell since I never drew her much)
The only other art I drew is  ATG VI-4 : That's Not What Fencing Means by 1i0 where she's confused by Spectra with her head in a fence XD

Elyxian by 1i0Elyxian - OC originally owned by vapesae (Again I'm not too sure if I want to sell since I never drew her much)
Art: and also  ATG VI-7 : Right Round (GIF) by 1i0

Dove Daydream by OCTAVlA by 1i0Dove Daydream - comes with 4 pieces of art and a JOURNAL SKIN*
*If you want it, we'll need permission to remove my old username from the skin. Keep that in mind
Journal skin:[COMMISION] Custom Journal Skin by GlassDoe

Really hard

Prismwing by FishOuO by 1i0Prismwing - design by me
Art: and also  ATG VI-2 : Cloud Nine by 1i0

Paradise by Poipoimon by 1i0Paradise - design by NatsuQn but I really like her design!!!!!!

Very very unlikely I'll sell, but try anyways
Icy Sparks by xxSactaviaxx by 1i0Icy Sparks, redesign of @/waraiigoe's IC Sparkle by me, basically my main OC (Times is my ponysona not an OC)
and also Times, Starsparkler, Galactic,Icy by Moushige-Yolo by 1i0(on the right)

Haha there's no way I'm selling them but offer just for the lols
Times by NicoTheMintyRabbit by 1i0Timesten, my ponysona, designed by me
and also Times, Starsparkler, Galactic,Icy by Moushige-Yolo by 1i0(on the left)

Comment with your offers!! 


1i0 has started a donation pool!
264 / 1,000

art: PuaPuaMon
character: Paradise, designed by NatsuQn

if you donate & you're not a point account/paying for something, i'll feature your icon on my profile!! C:

I'll probably use the points for commissioning some character art, maybe a short time core just to finish making the CS6 splash journal skins properly, and maybe convert some to cash if I ever get enough to do that!

Also, you could buy adopts from PONlES to support me and Cuppa003!

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